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Forceful Effort & Faithful Advocacy Create Favorable Outcomes

A law firm exclusively focused on diligently representing clients throughout Oklahoma in divorce, child custody, and other family law matters.

about vista family law

Modern Legal Solutions for Today's Families

If you’re looking for a reliable family law attorney who’s well prepared to handle your case, look no further than the attorneys at Vista Family Law. Located in Oklahoma City, the lawyers at Vista Family Law have many years of experience with all aspects of family law including divorce, child custody, child support, prenuptial agreements, and modifications to court orders.

We recognize the importance of attentive and personalized service when clients approach us amidst trouble, anxiety, or distress. Consequently, we promise you that, whenever possible, your case will be personally managed by the same attorney from inception to completion. We want you to know that your case is a priority for us, and all our attorneys will work hard to win you an optimal outcome while minimizing disruption to your life.

what we do

Areas Of Practice

Our lawyers have many years of experience exclusively practicing family law, with a focus on the following areas of practice.

What To Expect

Expect us to actively listen to you from the moment we meet, so that we can develop a deep understanding of your unique situation, challenges, and goals.

Expect us to clearly and carefully explain your options to you and walk you through the likely outcomes of each option.

Expect us to make your case a priority, so that you never feel ignored.

Expect us to make the process as smooth as possible, by having the same attorney work on your case from start to finish.

Expect us to make well-informed, well-reasoned decisions that will be based on a detailed analysis of your unique circumstances.

Expect us to advocate for your best interests and to always do what is right for you.


Their Words, Not Ours

The Initial Consultation Step-by Step

Schedule an Initial Consultation:

Give us a call or send us a message, and one of our staff will be in touch with you within at most a few hours to have a conversation regarding your case and to schedule an initial consultation for you with one of our attorneys. This consultation will be held virtually.

The Initial Consultation:

During your initial consultation, you will speak directly with one of our attorneys. First, we will focus on discussing the reasons for your appointment. This is your chance to help us understand your concerns and needs, providing us with a comprehensive overview of your situation. Next, we will delve deeper into identifying the specific solutions you require and begin outlining a plan to address them.

Moving Forward:

Towards the end of the consultation, we will quote you the estimated financial cost of our legal representation, tailored to your specific case. We believe everyone should have access to quality legal representation, so we offer competitive rates and flexible payment plans to make our services more accessible. Once you have retained us, the attorney you spoke with during your initial consultation will immediately begin working on your case.


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